Creative Ireland: Driving More people to get involved in arts and culture

One of the key aims of Creative Ireland is to ensure that every child in the country will have access to lessons and tuition in art, drama, music or coding over the next five years. Research shows that children who engage in the arts and cultural activity are happier, suffer less anxiety and do better at school.

Source : Creative Ireland: Driving More people to get involved in arts and culture


‘Govt should make visual arts compulsory in schools’

Godwin Archie-Abia is a Lagos-based self-taught artist. In this interview with ADEWALE OSHODI, he speaks on his creative styles, why visual arts should be made compulsory in schools, and how government can create a revenue stream from arts.

Source : ‘Govt should make visual arts compulsory in schools’

La techno à l’école et la fin de l’éducation

Sommaire et tour de table avec Matthieu Dugal; * Chronique de Fabien Loszach : l’école et l’enfant, éduquer par le numérique ou éduquer au numérique?; * Entrevue avec le professeur Thierry Karsenti : apprendre et enseigner avec le numérique; * Chronique de Catherine Mathys : les outils technos pour l’école; * Chronique de Martin Lessard : les neurosciences; * Les balados des élèves du Pierre-Dupuy : table ronde avec les enseignants Sébastien Ross et Patrick Leary et les élèves de 4e secondaire Marie-Pier Magnan et Daphnée Turmel Rankin.

Source : La techno à l’école et la fin de l’éducation

At This Point, Education Is Technology

When I say that education technology is not new, I’m not arguing that technologies do not change over time; or that our institutions, ideas, experiences, societies do not change in part because of technologies. But when we talk about change – when we tell stories about technological change – we must consider how technologies, particularly modern technologies like computers, emerged from a certain history, from certain institutions; how technologies are as likely to re-inscribe traditional practices as to alter them.

Source : At This Point, Education Is Technology

Australia’s kid-focused newspaper Crinkling News wants to teach media literacy to young readers

Saffron Howden knew she was on the right track with Crinkling News , her Australian kid-focused weekly newspaper, within a few days of Donald Trump being elected. Even among Australian schoolchildren, there was a lot of trepidation about the implications of a Donald Trump presidency.

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